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 Enterprise leadership is essential to designing and managing ever more complex companies as highly capable systems, fit to meet the demands of customers and resist the disruptive maneuvering of competitors.

Jonathan Trevor, Oxford University

Leverage your experience to impact the future of your organization. 

The focus of strategic leadership is the enduring success of the organization, and the work of strategic leadership is to drive the organization so that it will thrive in the long-term. Center for Creative Leadership

Developing a strategic direction that doesn't include an implementation process is a mistake; trying to roll out a plan wIthout a team of strong, effective leaders is futile. You can avoid costly errors and narrow the gaps between strategy development, effective implementation, and measurable results by committing to acquiring the skills and information you need to:

  • Identify, clarify, and prioritize attainable, big-picture goals that employees can understand and support
  • Critically assess the current state, articulate the desired future state, and build a comprehensive Action Plan that clearly explains how you're going to get there 
  • Effectively create and implement organizational change initiatives to stay competitive in the marketplace
  • Build more productive relationships with co-workers at all levels so the team commits to your vision
  • Recognize latent talent and high potential people to build a pipeline of qualified internal talent
  • Objectively make difficult decisions and accurately define key performance indicators to ensure efforts stay aligned with strategies

How common are strategic leaders?

According to

A 2015 PwC study of 6,000 senior executives revealed that only 8% of respondents turned out to be strategic leaders. These leaders tend to have several common personality traits. They can: 

  • Challenge the prevailing view without provoking outrage or cynicism 
  • Act on the big and small pictures at the same time 
  • Change course if their chosen path turns out to be incorrect 
  • Lead with inquiry as well as advocacy, and with engagement as well as command, operating all the while from a deeply held humility and respect for others.

Ths study suggests that strategic leaders are more likely to be women (10% of female respondents vs. 7% of men), with the highest proportion age 45 and above. 


Join us if you are responsible for vision casting or setting organizational direction, establishing and montoring long-term goals and priorities, and/or leading/developing a team of operational managers. 

"Many executives rise through the ranks with operational, finance, or marketing and sales backgrounds and have relatively little training in strategy under their belts, even if they are fairly senior. Some training can help reset everyone’s expectations about what a good strategy should look like, how to develop one, and introduce them to tools with which they might not be familiar." The Real Value of Strategic Planning

Fall 2018 Outline:

Sept 6

#1 Organizational Alignment

Sept 20

#2 Key Strategic Leadership Skills

Oct 4

#3 Positive Business Practices

Oct 18

# 4 Personal Leadership 

Nov 1

#5 Self-Awareness & EI

Nov 15

#6 Creating Highly-Functioning Teams

Nov 29

#7 Creating Strategic Vision & Direction 

Dec 13

#8 Developing & Implementing the Plan

Meet the Instructors:

Julien Godbarge

Julien Godbarge, Founder, GEM Consulting Solutions

 Julien Godbarge founded GEM Consulting Solutions, LLC after 17 years growing small and midsize businesses. After grad school, he started his career as VP of Project Operations for a start-up consultancy in project management, specializing in global rebranding initiatives. He then joined Woodstream Corporation where he spent 14 years in business development. He’s grateful to have been part of such a successful team which took Woodstream from $40 to $350 million through organic growth, new product development and 17 acquisitions. 

He also held various positions in Sales, Marketing and general management: Export Manager, Global Category Development Director, and Managing Director of Woodstream Canada. In 2016 Julien left Woodstream to join Pearl Valley Farms, a family-owned company based in Illinois, to help align the sales & marketing teams while integrating two recent acquisitions. GEM Consulting Solutions, LLC focuses on Growth Acceleration (Strategic planning & implementation) for small & midcap businesses in the mid-Atlantic.

Janet Treer

Janet Treer, President, The Treer Group

For more than 25 years, Janet Treer has excelled in business management and helping companies establish and exceed their goals. Drawing on her decades of business success, Janet utilizes a results-oriented, highly-effective approach that creates real, sustainable change. Program attendees benefit from her expertise in assessing companies, teams and individuals, and then helping them develop and implement highly-effective strategies and action plans to achieve ongoing, positive results. 

Prior to founding The Treer Group, Janet was and Officer and Regional Vice President of Operations, Premedia Technologies, for Fortune 250 industry giant RR Donnelley. Janet has also been active in a variety of business and professional development organizations, including: Center for Creative Leadership, Columbia University Graduate School of Business Program, Smith College-Smith Management Programs, W. Edwards Deming’s The New Economic Age Seminar, Six Sigma Champion Certification, and Western Michigan University. 

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