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Tactical solutions to enhance your voice, create better content, and win over your audience.

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“90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.” 

Somers White

You can become a better presenter. 

Seventy-five percent of those who give presentations say they would like to be better at presenting and to ‘captivate the audience.’ Forbes

Are you in the majority?

Gain the confidence and skills to step away from the podium, actively converse with your audience (rather than read slides) and create positive, win-win experiences. In a non-threatening environment, you'll receive specific, constructive feedback on your presence, voice, content and more that you can immediately use to improve your next presentation. 

You'll also acquire the information and skills you need to: 

  • Manage negative self-talk, jitters, and glitches
  • Develop content that guides the audience to the conclusion you want
  • Evolve your "stage presence" and learn secrets to really connect with your audience

Think "presentation skills" aren't in your job description?

According to Forbes 

“Telling a clear and persuasive story through presentations is a fundamental job requirement and a necessary component of career success.”  

“Poor presentation skills mean that leaders fail to inspire their teams, products fail to sell, entrepreneurs fail to attract funding, and careers fail to soar. That seems like a big price to pay for neglecting such a basic skill that anyone can improve upon.”  

In the age of information, you are only as valuable as the information you have to share.

Join us if you're looking for specific guidance on how to improve your ability to develop and provide compelling presentations of all types. Group size is intentionally kept small to ensure personalized attention. 

“Diane's class helped me to be bold, have better stage presence and the power of connecting with the audience.”  

Justin B.R. Kreider &&Son, Inc.  

“Diane speaks from experience and is able to provide useful, easy-to-implement suggestions to improve your presentation style.”  

Erin LCSWMA (Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority)  

“Absolutely essential for both business and personal advancement, especially those in leadership roles. Public Speaking made fun and entertaining!”  

 Joseph Echelon Leadership  

“Although I was reluctant to sign myself up for such a vulnerable situation, in the end it built my confidence! I learned that it is ok to insert yourself and not just present on data. I think the biggest takeaway from the four weeks is that I am better than I think. Hearing detailed feedback from other class participants and outsiders was so valuable. I will use these tools for the rest of my career and I am sure even after!”  

Catherine Conrad Siegel  

Spring 2019 Outline:

April 17

#1 The Five Pebbles

  • Overview, introductions & objectives 
  • Feedback etiquette
  • The impact of listening
  • Presentations begin!

April 24

#2 Bringing Your "A" Game

  • How you see yourself vs. how others see you - and why it matters
  • Managing fears and anxieties
  • Turning your voice into an asset
  • Presentations continue!

May 1

#3 Kick it with the Content

  • Why should anyone listen?
  • Developing a storyline your audience will buy into and follow
  • Making a presentation more interactive
  • Presentations continue!

May 8

# 4 Impressing the Audience

  • Adults don't like lectures - or reading slides. Ways to engage and involve your audience from the beginning
  • The impact of your non-verbal expressions on the audience
  • How to handle glitches
  • Final presentations and wrap up!

Meet the Instructor:

Diane Dayton

Diane Dayton has more than 30 years of experience as a radio, TV and online interviewer and personality. She is a seasoned emcee and voice-over talent for regional and national clients including Hershey, Rite Aid, and Pepsi. As a performer, she knows that to make an impact, how one communicates is as important as what is communicated. 

As owner of Dayton Communications, she conducts private and small group voice and presentation skills sessions for executives, salespeople and managers, on-air talent, professors, and other trainers, with a focus on crafting an impactful message and memorable delivery. She is also Executive Director LCTV66 and Producer and Host of Cool Jazz Café and Behind the Lines.

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