Making Savvier Marketers

 Plan, launch, manage, track, and analyze your own successful marketing campaigns.

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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories that you tell.

Seth Godin

Yes, you can learn marketing (no degree required).

“Whether you are a global brand or a smaller brand that’s just getting started, the rules still apply: you have to make me feel something.” -Matthew Luhn, Pixar  

Simply defined, marketing connects potential customers with your products or services. It doesn't have to be overly complicated, but you do need to know the fundamentals to successfully compete in today's saturated marketplace:

  • Inbound, Outbound, Content, SEO, Conversion Rates, Customer Journey, Analytics - what does it all mean?! 
  • Which is more valuable: a lead or a prospect?  
  • What's a marketing funnel and how does it work?  
  • Should I use A/B testing or worry about a bounce rate?
  • Are my buyer personas accurate?  
  • Which social media platform is the best for reaching my target audience?
  • Is my website actually hurting my business?

All of these questions are valid. However, “At the end of the day, marketing is about stories, not technology. Tell your story.” - Peter Isaacson, CMO, Demandbase

Learn how to tell your story...

Who better than you and your team to share why your business matters? Invest in the art and science of translating your "why" into more-effective marketing campaigns.

You'll get:

  • In-person Group Training, 16 Hours: You will review and discuss modern marketing strategies and tactics so you can stop guessing and begin making informed decisions that will put your business on track for growth.  
  • One-on-one Consulting, 4 hours: Between the in-person sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one calls with Claudia Pennington to discuss your specific goals and receive help crafting a marketing plan that will best achieve them.  
  • Actionable Content: By the end of the program, you’ll have a completed marketing plan that you and your team can act on immediately!  

Join us if you're a business owner, partner, or leader who is ready for a cost-effective, efficient solution to your company's marketing needs.  


Fall 2018 Outline:

Oct 5

#1 Every Good Plan Starts with Strategy

  • Crafting your "why" - your story for why your company exists
  • Outlining your "perfect" (i.e. target) customer
  • Identifying your customers' needs to funnel them into your business

Oct 12

#2 Every Good Plan Needs these Tactics

  • Improving your online billboard (aka your website) to increase traffic
  • Make social media channels lead prospects to you
  • Converting visitors and followers into buying customers

Oct 19

#3 Every Good Plan Must be Measurable

  • Learn the critical metrics you need to track (and why most are irrelevant)
  • Choosing metrics that are right for you (hint: think business goals)
  • Leveraging tools to measure campaign success

Nov 2

# 4 Every Good Plan is Flexible

  • How to stay committed to your plan when "fires" divert your attention
  • Balancing business growth while serving customers
  • How to successfully pivot when you need to change your original plan

Meet the Instructor:

Claudia Pennington

Claudia Pennington is CEO of DIY Marketing, a marketing consulting and training firm based in Lancaster, PA that teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to make sound financial decisions that generate a demonstrable return on investment for their marketing dollars. An analytics and SEO guru wIth more than a decade of experience, she leads a team that provides end-to-end support for organizations in the creation and execution of lead-generating marketing campaigns. She is also a popular Chamber Professional Development Friday presenter. 

"Claudia is amazing! I have tried more marketing firms and tactics than I can remember to help my business grow and none ever felt right (or provided tangible results)…until we started working with Claudia. She brought value to our business that I didn’t even know existed. Her program is practical, well laid out, and most importantly, effective! - Charlie Seltzer, M.D., Nationally-recognized weight loss doctor

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Today's business world is changing so quickly that working adults should never stop learning. If you're looking for advancement opportunities, you need to keep your skills fresh.


Learn the Skills Your Employer is Seeking

This program covers all the necessities for marketing success. From strategy to tactics, you'll learn how to create, implement and monitor effective campaigns.


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